Ultrafine nanoparticle monitors

Ultrafine nanoparticle monitors


Aerasense supplies scientific instruments to monitor ultrafine nanoparticles.

Aerasense NanoTracer is a portable device and battery powered.  The Nanotracer is a small lightweight monitor designed to be worn throughout a shift or for a day's measuring.

Handheld ultrafine nanoparticle monitor - The Philips Aerasense NanoTracer

Aerasense NanoMonitor is designed for continuous measurements and may be used unattended for several months.

Trials by leading research institutions have shown the Aerasense ultrafine particle monitors to be very reliable, and convenient to use in a variety of clean air studies.

Aerasense products use unique inventions from Philips Research, where nano particles and ultrafines have been studied intensively for many years.  Unlike traditional particle monitors, Aerasense specializes in measuring ultrafine particles smaller than 300 nanometers.  An Aerasense monitor tells the number of particles and average particle size, from which the deposited surface area and mass can be inferred.

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2013 Year of Air

To highlight problems with pollution and air quality, the EU aim to make 2013 the "Year of Air". Read more...

US Nanotechnology regulation

descibed in new framework document.

Aerasense customer makes headline news

Ultrafine particles were front page news in Holland on July 5 as Aerasense customers reported on a study conducted in the Dutch Province of Gelderland using the new Aerasense nanoparticle monitor. Measurements showed high concentrations of ultrafines in an extended traffic survey and the researchers observed that the emission filters introduced by EU regulation are having little or no effect to reduce ultrafine particle levels which they described as “life-threatening”. Read more...

Online guideline expanded

The online guideline on safety of nanomaterials, Nanosmile, has recently added a section on governance. Links to online guidelines

EU to regulate Ultrafines in 2013

The European Union aims to begin regulation of ultrafine particles in 2013, said Andre Zuber in a keynote speech on behalf of the European Commission at the EFCA symposium in Brussels on 27 May. Read more... 

New guideline

working safely with nanomaterials published. Download here...

Scientific news

Cardiovascular Effects of Inhaled Ultrafine and Nano-Sized ParticlesNew book on cardiovascular effects of inhaled ultrafine and nano-sized particles provides an up-to-date review of the mechanisms that affect our health.

 The 3rd EFCA Ultra-Fine Particles Symposium 2011 will reflect the most recent scientific knowledge

Exposure to diesel particles induces changes human brain activity

Idling jets pollute more than thought
...a significant source of ultrafine particles — and health effects

University chooses NanoTracer for health study

Real-time detection and portability are main reasons that the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) included the Aerasense NanoTracer in an extensive study. Read more...

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Ultrafine particles

are the new trend in outdoor air quality monitoring. Read more...

Public health impact of ultrafine particles?

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Aerasense on youtube

How Aerasense Nanoparticle Monitors and PIMEX visualize Nano exposure. Watch the video...

Aerasense on Dutch TV

How Aerasense Ultrafine Nanoparticle Monitors help keep Dutch air clean. Watch the video...

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